JLU mooc: Drafting Process

How to introduce a topic?

An introduction will introduce a topic and a purpose of the paper, so that the reader can activate their background knowledge and personal understanding of the topic and relate them to the writing. Besides, the introduction has to generate the reader’s interest in this piece, so that they would like to continue reading, and they won’t throw your paper away.

Structure of introduction:

  1. Hook(Topic introducing)
  2. Background information(leading to thesis)

    The background information are usually large and broad ideas about the setting of the topic.

  3. Thesis statement(specific information)

    The thesis statement is your opinion and attitude which your reader might disagree.

How to develop a body paragraph?

  1. First think about the idea this paragraph would focus on: the topic sentence.
  2. Description of explanation of controlling idea.
  3. Example of illustrate the controlling idea.
  4. Explanation of example (The relevance to the topic sentence and the rationale given at the beginning of the paragraph, the reasoning behind why you choose to use this/or these particular examples as evidence to support the major claim or focus.)
  5. Completion of paragraph’s idea or transition into next paragraph.

How to end my paper?

  1. Use the devices for introductory paragraphs.

    The strategies in the conclusion can mirror the introduction such as using a scene, story, statistics…

    But avoid using the same exact device in both the introducion and conclusion.

  2. Summarize the main points of the paper.

    But don’t re-hash them though.

    Find a way to re-invent the ideas stated in the introduction and body paragraphs.

  3. Show the significance relative to the reader.
  4. Call for awareness and/or action.
  5. Point to the future by making suggestions or offer solutions.